Mspy review based on the community opinions

December 5th, 2014

Mspy is quite a unique monitoring tool that could be considered best in its sort. Given that it actually provides us a very large number of features together with an overall flexibility, it becomes an ideal program that can easily crush its competitors, shall we make a comparison. Still, for these that are not familiar with the functionality of Mspy, we have gathered a couple of community reviews, which I really hope you will find useful.

I couldn’t think my live without Mspy. Being a young and passionate girl I’ve been recently searching for a perfect guy, but most of my friends turned out to be liars, and it broke my heart every time that I had to discover the truth. When I tried Mspy, I could learn more about the people before actually trying out a relationship. Still haven’t found the ideal man, but this program has saved me many tears. Wish only that it was free!

I’ve been managing a small company, facing a problem that our computers are being attacked by viruses to the point of starting to free and slow down the internet connection. We’ve performed a full format and reinstalled the op, but after 1 week the virus returned. Then my IT advisor said that it might be caused by personnel, rather than external attack so we decided to monitor them with Mspy. Soon after we’ve found the reason and dealt with it promptly, as one of our employees was repeatedly looking for porn and being led to malicious websites. Now thanks to this program, it will be a good lesson for others!

Mspy is not a malicious program but professional tool for these who understand. A lot of people blame it because of misuse, but that’s not the fault of the program. In fact it’s the fault of the people. For me it actually turned out extremely useful, as I have to coordinate a delivery service in a somewhat congested area. I can now see all my couriers on the map and do the business more efficiently.

Mspy has saved my precious phone. Once after a busy day I found my phone missing, and I used the program to see its location. It was still in the bar, and no one took it. Then I checked the table where we sat and it was still there, under the table! If not Mspy they would probably steal it at sight.